Archived Releases

Previous versions of the UCO Ontology

Release Date Description
UCO 0.1.0 2017-01-05 Initial (“prototype”) release of the UCO ontology.
UCO 0.3.0 2019-07-13 The content of v0.3.0 is primarily of fixing lexical, syntactic and semantic reasoning errors present in v0.2.0 and simplifying in some areas.
UCO 0.4.0 2020-06-01 UCO Version 0.4.0 is primarily focused on fixing syntax & structural errors, splitting domain assertions into companion files and moving some controlled vocabulary enumerations into a separate vocabulary namespace using a new specification approach.
UCO 0.5.0 2020-11-18 UCO 0.5.0 is primarily focused on the removal of the investigation namespace from UCO (that namespace now resides in the CASE ontology) and on the renaming of several classes (Observable subclasses, Facet subclasses) in the observable namespace and a single property (core:facet) to support improved alignment with the CASE ontology and the forthcoming addition of ObservableObject subclasses.
UCO 0.6.0 2021-03-25 UCO Version 0.6.0 is primarily focused on adding several community needed classes (URLHistory, refactoring Contact, OnlineService, Profile, etc.) and properties, refactoring and cleaning up Address subclass structure, adding specific subclasses of ObservableObject, renaming of non-observable namespace Facet subclasses to include "Facet" at the end, clarifying and normalizing all class definitions to make the ontology more robust and complete, and cleanup of several minor issues and bugs.