0.9.0 Release

Date: 2022-06-16

Ontology File(s)


Release Notes

UCO 0.9.0 primarily focused on workflow technology transitions, and was necessitated by a Java dependency upgrade. The workflow used to normalize Turtle files in UCO and in downstream repositories now minimally requires Java 11, which impacts several public repositories—especially within the CASE community—that present Turtle files as part of their review process. The workflow to interface with the UCO and CASE ontologies has transitioned to Github Issues, which has caused some files related to programming Github interfaces to become versioned with the ontology. SHACL documentation will now use sh:description when documenting SHACL shapes. OWL-level ontological commitments are being restored since the transition to SHACL, starting with clarifying that core:UcoObject and core:Facet are disjoint classes. In SHACL validation updates, 0.9.0 refines some properties in email stub graph objects, polyglot designations with multiple MIME types, and a correction with names of accounts.


Note: The release notes included in the ontology errantly describe inclusion of a proposal on designating core:hasFacet as an OWL inverse-functional property. That proposal, anchored at Issue 379, was still undergoing committee review at the time of release, and was not yet integrated into the ontology.

Breaking Changes

(These are changes to ontologies, classes or properties in the preexisting ontology that make the new release non-backward-compatible.)


(These are general changes to the preexisting ontology that are not breaking or range changes.)


Since UCO 0.8.0, generated documentation has been available at this site:


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