0.1.0 Release

Date: 2017-01-05

Release Notes

The content of v0.1.0 is driven primarily from the initial base requirements of expressing cyber investigation information and is the product of input from the Cyberinvestigation Analysis Standard Expression (CASE) community.

This is an initial draft version of the ontology intended for informal exploration, experimentation, implementation and collaborative feedback from the community.

As such, v0.1.0 consists of solely of the following simple artifacts:

A MagicDraw UML conceptual model of the ontology
A set of UML class diagrams illustrating key portions of the ontology UML conceptual model
An overall natural language glossary autogenerated from the UML conceptual model

Future versions of UCO will not only expand and refine the ontology itself but will also provide more complete and formalized documentation.

Ontology File(s)